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The Irishman (2019) - Great Performances which you have time to enjoy because its too long

I am glad this film was made although I think this might have been better suited as a TV series on Netflix.

But then it wouldn't have been nominated for nine Oscars. De Niro is amazing, Pesci is amazing and Pacino is amazing! However, it is not as believable even with the special effects when we see these three actors playing their characters as young men. Unfortunately Scorsese didn't go to close-ups while De Niro plays a young Frank Sheeran giving a beating in the street in front of his daughter. Its hard to play 30 years old when you are 76 and even De Niro struggles with this.

The story is fascinating and the performances with the 70's generation is still sound but the movie is just too long to keep the audience's interest.


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