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'Escape to the Cove' provides a gritty escape from reality

Written, directed, and co-produced by Robert Enriquez, Escape to the Cove explores the possibility of a world decimated by a viral pandemic- a plot we are now facing in reality, that was eerily predated by this visionary filmmaker.

Escape to the Cove is a film set sometime in the future. In the movie, the world as we know it is no more, with most of the population having been blighted off by the virus, with victims turning into zombies. To survive each day, the film’s protagonist Cairo Yazid (Garrett Barghash), has to strike up unlikely partnerships with crooks and degenerates and rely on strangers for his survival.

In a world filled with pestilence, famine and pirates, Cairo’s only hope is to team up with Captain Solomon, captivatingly portrayed by Enriquez. Solomon is coincidentally the only one who knows the location of the Cove, a revered place where all healthy, uninfected young people live in peace and harmony. After partnering with Solomon, in addition to the virus, famine, zombie and sea lion threats, Yazid now has to constantly ward off pirates who want to know the location of the Cove from Solomon by whatever means necessary, including threatening to kill him.

Through the effective lighting and cinematography of Will Coons, Escape to the Cove allows the mind of the viewer’s imagination to rove and resolve numerous what-ifs, one of them possibly being the disastrous outcome, if the current Covid pandemic had spun out of control. The flawless editing of Robert DeBoucher, coupled with the suitably eerie soundtracks from Ralf Lichtenberg, help paint the grim picture of what such a world would be like and how the modern-day, Google-raised young adult would cope or fail in such a scenario.

Enriquez's Escape to the Cove provides a gritty escape from reality, allowing the imagination to run wild- and perfectly depicting the story of a doomed world gone mad.


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