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'Damien' is an exciting mystery

Few indie horror films ever make it to the mainstream market, but Bobby Marno's Damien seems poised to break this glass ceiling. Damien is a soon-to-be-released horror film that gives a new twist to this widely popular genre, taking an uncharted path to the delivery of its intriguing tale and captivating storyline.

Damien is a docu-horror film centered around its named protagonist, Damien, a red-haired Celt. The film’s approach is quite succinct, exploring the events surrounding and causes of death of four documenters, who travel to the country to record a documentary of the life of a typical Celt.

Damien begins slowly, approaching the climax in a relaxed manner, alluring the viewer with the lush countryside hiding deep secrets that are begging to be explored alongside smooth modern furnishings and technology in the home of the deceitfully sweet host, Damien. The plot unravels gradually as the documenters are taken around by their host, who gives them a brief overview of the farm and its surroundings. Events go on an even keel until they just don’t. Damien mysteriously disappears and the documenters set on a quest to find their hitherto gracious host, a quest that reveals a lot more behind the smokescreen of the quiet countryside.

Besides the film’s refreshing approach to the plot, the commendable acting from the cast, Marno's stellar directing, and cinematographic choices of the film also played a significant role in making Damien a success. The dim, sinister lighting maintained throughout the film suggests feelings of evil premonition, one that the viewer is tempted to ignore until the film reaches its thrilling climax. The muted color filter used in the movie also helped in its delivery and made the docu-horror film much more believable. The acting is raw and therefore quite effective for a horror genre film.

Damien is an exciting mystery, filled with symbolism and a certain eerieness that constantly leaves the viewer in suspense, eager to get to the bottom of the plot as the veil slowly lifts. It is a film you wouldn’t want to miss.


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