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Winter's Bone (2010) - A winner with Jennifer Lawrence and John Hawkes

Nominated for four Academy Awards, this movie is a surprise hit.

Jennifer Lawrence in her first Academy Award Nominated performance stars as Ree Dolly and delivers on this igniting character. Ree is from the rural Ozarks of Missouri and is only seventeen. She looks after her mentally ill mother, brother and little sister. Told that her father hasn't shown up for his court date, the family will lose their bail money which will kick Ree and her family out of their home. Teardrop, played by an inspired John Hawkes, is their only hope to solve this mess but he has troubles of his own. And eventually Ree tries to venture out on her own into the madness of the Ozark meth culture. "Winter's Bone" debuted in a limited four theaters and slowly spread out producing a profit passing the 2 million dollar budget.

Winter's Bone was nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Picture and won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.


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