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The Queen's Gambit (2020) - Guaranteed to be an award winning show!

This TV Mini-series is excellent!

It is wonderful to see Anya Taylor-Joy in a well crafted show.

She shines brilliantly as Beth Harmon a chess playing prodigy. The story takes us from when she is a small girl, orphaned, continuing through her teenage angst years. I highly recommend this show. Great cinematography and directing and of course to get back to the acting - it's top notch! I only wish there were more than 7 episodes. The chess moves in the show are authentic and often taken from famous matches from such players as Bobby Fischer. This in-depth look into the world of chess and its lack of female world champions makes this show following Beth Harmon an interesting take on women as they expand their roles in the sixties and in the game of chess.

Taylor-Joy excels in many ways as a prodigy with an addictive personality taking her to the edge of madness.


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