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'Soul Wars' surprises with incredible special effects and production design

Soul Wars is an ambitious and compelling 52 minute sci-fi pilot episode where a father and daughter team up to uncover significant mysteries of the universe.

In this story, set in a faraway land where out-of-body travel is possible, dangerous soul traps enslave other beings. When Talia and her father, Norman, discover that the soul wars are prophesized, they embark on a perilous and suspenseful journey to save humanity.

Based off the sci-fi / fantasy novel “Soul Wars” by Tommy Scherer, this pilot episode benefits nicely from director, Deanna Rashell, who also stars as the main character 'Talia', an eccentric archaeologist. Rashell shines brightly throughout the pilot and her quirky chemistry with Marty Lindsey, who plays her father, is delightful to watch. Before long, colorful and offbeat characters make their way into Talia’s world, provoking and instigating her on her journey as this thrilling sci-fi plot thickens.

Soul Wars may surprise the viewer most, with incredible special effects and production design. In fact, after watching the pilot a second time, I had to pause it during several special effects’ scenes which show an interesting take and promise of a greater universe. I hope (and can’t wait) for Rashell to direct episode 2, with such style and flair.

A special mention should be given to cinematographer Azariah Oldacre for delivering exceptional visuals. Oldacre enhances this sci-fi story with shots that are out of this world.

Soul Wars is definitely worth watching a second time.


Sep 16, 2023

This is gonna be great! Can’t wait to see what’s next!


Sep 14, 2023

This is great!!! Thanks for the review, loved the teaser!

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