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Schindler's List (1993) - Spielberg's masterpiece!

Winner of seven Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director, adapted from the Thomas Keneally book about Oskar Schindler, who witnesses the persecution of his Jewish employees during the Holocaust.

Liam Neeson expertly plays the real life Schindler, a German businessman who realizes the cost of making money is his humanity. Ben Kingsley is fabulous as Itzhak Stern, his Jewish accountant who helps him open his eyes and see what is going on around him. Ralph Fiennes plays the real Amon Goeth in an extraordinary performance as a psychopathic Nazi officer who loves murdering innocents. This is a film that entertains, educates and enlightens about the danger of man's own enemy: himself. The character of Oskar Schindler changes from the beginning of the movie. He is a selfish, money hungry factory owner with an opportunity at the start of WWII to make his fortune. And he does, in fact, he fulfill his dreams but realizes that it is at the cost of his soul. As we encounter the Holocaust through Spielberg’s masterpiece, we see how Schindler’s beliefs and values change from that of a womanizer and businessman to a hero who realizes how precious life is and the negative impact his nation will have on the world. And as we now see things through Schindler’s eyes, we root for him to make a change that will affect thousands of people.

Based on the novel by Thomas Keneally and adapted to screenplay by Steven Zaillian, this film is masterfully conceived by Steven Spielberg and is his best film to date and the very best of 1993.


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