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River's Edge (1986) -A story based on real life and the careers of three soon to be stars

Keanu Reeves, Crispin Glover and Ione Skye star with Dennis Hopper in a movie based off of real life events directed by Tim Hunter.

Written by Neal Jimenez who based his character on a high school kid who murdered his girlfriend and left her body in the woods where he brought his friends to come out and view it. Eventually word came to the police but most of his circle of friends never contacted law enforcement about it. When a friend (Daniel Roebuck) commits another murder, we see just how far the group of friends go to cover for him. Hopper brings another great performance as a man who has been hiding out for decades from society. Daniel Roebuck plays John, the teenager who committs murder. Crispin Glover plays his trusted friend who won’t turn him in. And with an iconic performance Glover delivers one of the strangest and odd characters in Layne, borderlining on comical, he keeps him believable through this dramatic story. Along with Keanu Reeves and Ione Skye, the chemistry of the teenagers debating on what to do with John is riveting. Finally, let’s talk about Dennis Hopper.

1986 was the comeback year of Hopper. He was nominated for an Oscar in Hoosiers, played one of the more horrible villains in cinema history as Frank Booth in Blue Velvet and delivered a great performance as a one legged murderer who has been hiding out for decades from society in River’s Edge.


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