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'Homebound' is a triumph

Homebound is an amazing short film, that briefly regales the story of a young lady while simultaneously raising awareness of anxiety disorders, with a focus on agoraphobia. The film is the brainchild of Usher Morgan who also acts as the film director.

Told in a coherent narrative with snatches of flashbacks to fill in gaps in the story, Homebound centers on the life of Jamie Rockwell (played by Katie Vincent), a lady who lives alone and suffers from an aggressive form of agoraphobia. This paralyzing anxiety disorder makes it almost impossible for her to leave her own apartment, even for basic tasks. Life takes an upturn when her therapist advises her to adopt a dog. Through its faithful companionship and the duty to take the animal out for walks every day, she slowly starts to overcome her anxiety and thus gains a semblance of happiness. However, this joy is short-lived, as her dog is soon lost, tossing her back into severe anxiety. Things do not get any better when she experiences a falling out with her therapist, who makes a pass at her into an even worse state.

The very emotive tale of Jamie is the perfect example of a well-told story of an anxiety condition that affects nearly 1% of the population in the world. Homebound doesn’t contend itself in just its noble goal of raising awareness but also delivers a powerful film that is a perfect blend of award-deserving acting from Katie Vincent, great directing and enthralling soundtracks that meticulously tie to the emotions of the actress. The audience feels at one with her pain, her fear, her reaction when confronted with triggers, and eventually, her courage as she slowly inches forward to healing and triumphs over her anxiety.

Homebound is an equal triumph and well-deserving a watch.


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