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'Folded Whispers' is a one-of-a-kind documentary

Art is a slowly dying field that has been constantly diminishing in popularity largely due to the ever-rising threat and competition from artificial intelligence and dwindling public appreciation.

Folded Whispers is, therefore, a unique attempt to revive the art form of poetry in a documentary film that focuses on contemporary American poet Mark Anthony Thomas.

A moving compilation of poetry by any standards, the documentary is largely based on a show in which the protagonist is the main feature. In the show, held in Pittsburgh at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, the poet offers his first public performance of his poems in fifteen years amongst an audience of friends and members of the Pittsburgh community. In between the various snatches of poetry readings that make up most of the show, Mark Anthony explains the sources of inspiration behind some of his works and the meaning behind them in direct interviews. His disarming charm and great talent is very evident in this documentary and makes for a great poetic experience filled with magical art for even non-poetry lovers.

Folded Whispers is a one-of-a-kind documentary film that, besides showing a rare glimpse into the vast poetic talents of Mark Anthony Thomas, also creates a unique opportunity to not only listen to the author relate his poems as he envisioned, but to also understand them better as he sheds light on the various meanings he sought to convey through them.


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