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Doctor Zhivago (1965) - David Lean's romantic epic during the Russian Revolution is 10/10

Released in 1965 a starring Omar Sharif went through several hours of make-up each day to pull back his cheekbones to make him look more Anglo-Saxon.

The role was originally offered to Peter O'Toole who was tired of working the long hours each day for months on end after starring in David Lean's "Lawrence of Arabia" so he passed on this epic. Lean knew Sharif would play Yuri beautifully as we saw the revolution through the eyes of Sharif but wanted the Egyptian actor to look more Russian. Sharif didn't disappoint, he is marvelous as Yuri Zhivago, a young doctor who falls in love with Lara, played by a gorgeous Julie Christie. However several people and events are in their way of love. One of which is Rod Steiger in a fantastic turn as Victor Komarovsky. This film is noted for its brilliant snow covered scenes and lovely score. Lara's theme written by Maurice Jarre, who also wrote the sweeping epic score for "Lawrence of Arabia" won the Oscar for his music in "Doctor Zhivago."

This movie also garnered four other Oscar wins and is known as one of the most tragic and romantic movies of its time.


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