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A Novel Approach to ancient Greek Mythology

Over the centuries, numerous stories have been based on Greek mythology. Noah Dean Davenport’s Greek Gossip is a fresh, edgy take on this genre with modern views and themes. The film explores a much sought-after question: what if it was possible to meet a god?

Greek Gossip uses an exciting approach to the well-known story of Cupid (or Eros in Greek mythology), son to the goddess of love, Venus. Throughout the film, the primary focus is Ben (Ashton Herrild), a lanky, socially awkward guy in his mid-twenties living in a mythical city where all the gods of Olympus exist.

In this city Cupid links soulmates by the minute and this takes a toll on the remaining lonely individuals, especially our anxious protagonist. When he gets a chance to interview one of the gods, Ben chooses Cupid; an experience that reveals hidden secrets about the god of love, deconstructs the myth of love and soulmates and sets off a sequence of events that eventually culminates into a surprising climax.

Davenport and cinematographer Jackson Mach expertly spare no expense in utilizing the use of ridiculously bright backgrounds, colorful and picturesque scenes and outstanding special effects to fit perfectly into the musical chimes of a fantasy world where anything is possible.

The symbolism Davenport has carefully placed into his film, while at the same time

dismantling myths, juxtaposes sharp contrasts and help deliver an emotional but humorous tone. While the film is excellent throughout, the stand-out scenes are between Cupid (Connor Piers) and Herrild. The mise-en-scène in these scenes is dazzling and elevates the already impressive performances of Piers and Herrild.

Greek Gossip is a fun, supernatural tragecomedy based on Greek mythology, where one must always be careful what one wishes for.


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