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The TOP 5
for Indie Filmmakers

1. Berlin Music Video Awards

This annual awards show held at the Gretchen in Berlin, has a live ceremony, workshops and after-parties. This five-day international awards show is one of Berlin’s biggest events for indie filmmakers. Launched in 2013, the Berlin Music Video Awards continues to have several colorful categories to submit your music video to.



2. California Music Video Awards

This music video awards is in its sixth year and accepts music videos, music films and documentaries. Originally part of the Music California television series TasteTV broadcast in the San Francisco Bay Area reaching over 2.5 million households and takes place in a San Francisco music venue.

3. LA Music Video Awards

Hosted at the Covina Center for the Performing Arts, this music video awards is in its fifth year and has a wide variety of categories with a reasonable submission price. There is also a red carpet, cocktail hour before the awards ceremony.


4. Seattle Music Video Awards

Known for its indie roots, the Seattle Music Video Awards rewards filmmakers for their creativity and vision. Since these awards have numerous categories, indie filmmakers can submit their music video to a specific category that best fits their music video. In its sixth year, the SMV Awards are also known for celebrating a diverse filmmaking community.


5. NYC Music Video Awards

Presenting the best music videos of different genres, these awards champion the musician as well as the innovative filmmaker.  Promoting the selected music videos all year round, the NYC Music Video Awards interview the nominees and link the music videos to different news outlets. 

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