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Wild at Heart (1990) - Wild Ride on the Raunchy Side

References to Elvis and "The Wizard of Oz" pop up in this wild and raunchy ride that delves into the subconscious genius of David Lynch.

Nicolas Cage is extraordinary as a character who is as endearing as he is volatile. He stars with Laura Dern who shares the screen with her real life mother, Diane Ladd. Both give memorable performances, if not career defining. Willem Dafoe delivers the most riveting performance as Bobby Peru. A character we loathe. Yet we can't help but love Dafoe's daring portrayal. Lynch takes chances throughout the movie and it pays off.

One of my favorite movies that was panned by Siskel and Ebert but won the Palme d'Or at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival.

Lynch raises his own bar from his previous work such as "Blue Velvet."


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