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'We Need Rent Money' is a refreshing take on the coming-of-age struggles of college kids

A hilarious comedy directed by Blake Laitner, We Need Rent Money is a refreshing take on the coming-of-age struggles of college kids, which highlights the recklessness of youth and the potentially detrimental consequences for those who approach life with an all-too-carefree attitude.

We Need Rent Money explores the lives of three college students, Larry (Jason Leva), Sanders (Sampson Simon) and Fred (Malakhai Schnell). Their eager leaning towards the party life as well as several mischievous pranks at their college leads them to being expelled and the film then follows the lives of these young men as they are soon cut off from any financing by their parents and struggle to fend for themselves, pay bills and even put food on their table.

The film narrates the story of these three college dropouts in their descent to rock bottom as the trio soon finds themselves in a series of misadventures that put them on a collision course with the law and to several brushes with various criminals in the city. Amidst all these pressures to pay rent, bills and to fund their lifestyles, the trio get valuable life lessons that shape them as they slowly emerge out of their college shells to find a footing for themselves in the treacherous world outside college.

We Need Rent Money goes beyond the narration of the story with its vibrant cast, a rich storyline, comic relief and a truly remarkable production quality. It is both a cautionary tale to young adults as well as a nostalgic reminder of wild college days for most of the older viewers, which makes this film very relatable.


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