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Wayne (2019) - A cult classic in the making

Created by Shawn Simmons, this Amazon Prime show rocks to a different beat.

Wayne is played brilliantly by Mark McKenna and takes off on a journey of stealing back his dad's Pontiac Trans Am, a classic car known to be in Florida. This road trip will consist of his potential girlfriend, Del, played adoringly by Clara Bravo as a wise beyond her years high school student. Bravo and McKenna lead us on this "Badlands" type adventure in this story of misguided youth with a surreal tone. Wayne has no certain direction other than retrieving his dad's stolen car but does make it his calling to bring justice to every victim he encounters. This is a rock and roll road journey with a Pontiac Trans Am at the end of it.

Each episode presents a new challenge and McKenna dazzles the audience throughout each mission. As Wayne and Del meet new challenges and friends they win us over and we ultimately start rooting for these misled youths captured in a bizarre time.

The supporting cast is excellent, with stand-out performances by Stephen Kearin as the quirky Sergeant Stephen Geller, Dean Winters as Del's dad, Oscar winner Ray McKinnon and Abigail Spencer as Del's mom.


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