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Vertigo (1958) - Romance, madness and obsession packed into Hitchcock's masterpiece

Considered one of the best films of all time by AFI, "Vertigo" is Hitchcock's masterpiece.

Jimmy Stewart plays Scottie Ferguson a former disgraced cop, now a private eye. His assignment is to follow Madeleine Elster (Kim Novack) a woman who is so obsessed with a dead lady that it may lead to her own suicide. Soon, Scottie becomes obsessed with Madeleine and tries to make the character Judy into her. This movie is a hypnotic journey into obsession and Hitchcock is at his best weaving the audience through his brilliant work of art. This was not a box office success and consequently becomes the last of the four collaborations between Stewart and Hitchcock, as Hitchcock believed Stewart's older appearance on screen was responsible for it not becoming a hit.

Vertigo is now considered Hitchocks’ masterpiece and in recent years was rated the #1 film of all time by AFI’s top 100 list.


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