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Utopia (2020) - Interesting for the comic book fan

Such an interesting premise and take on the pandemic taking over the world.

The UK version previously made has high ratings. Haven't seen this original version yet, however, I am excited to see the difference. The characters in this version are interesting with shocking revelations. John Cusack doesn't disappoint as the revolutionary scientist. Sasha Lane, best known for her breakthrough performance in “American Honey” steers this conspiracy show through its fun comic book origin and into a reality that dips into dark humor and desperation. Lane gives a solid performance as Jessica Hyde, an iconic comic book character in the flesh. Actors Ashleigh LaThrop, Dan Byrd, Jessica Rothe, Javon Walton and Desmin Borges make up a fun rag-tag group around Lane and carry us successfully deeper down the rabbit hole. Rainn Wilson also shines as Michael Sterns, a role tailor-made for him. He is a forgotten scientist who once had success and is now ready for his greatest accomplishment to be uncovered. He has produced a vaccine to stop a new deadly flu virus which has taken over the USA. Conspiracy theories run thick in this show as protests mount against being quarantined. Later citizens protest the time it is taking the government to release the vaccine that has been leaked as successful. One of the strengths in “Utopia” is the turns the story takes. Just as we feel comfortable with a character, they surprise us, permanently. Characters make rash decisions in this show and we get to see how things play out because of it.

The gripping ending will keep an audience ready for a second season.


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