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Upload (2020) - Sit back, upload all ten episodes and enjoy

Created by Greg Daniels who is also responsible for "Parks and Recreation" and the American version of "The Office", "Upload" is a binge-worthy show with humor and romance in a sci-fi themed future.

Starring Robbie Amell (who is the real life younger cousin to Stephen Amell from "The Arrow") and starring Andy Allo as Nora, "Upload" is a smart and often feel good comedy that tugs on the futuristic heart strings. In a complicated world, there is a solution to living forever and that is uploading your memories into a world that resembles a utopian heaven. However our protagonist Nathan has several obstacles coming at him and keeps us bingeing on each episode until we finally reach the finale of ten. The chemistry between Amell and Allo is fun to watch develop and Allegra Edwards who plays Ingrid keeps the intrigue and laughter coming for the audience.

Jessica Tuck is as delightful as ever, playing Nathan's mom and the supporting actors are all well cast. Sit back and get ready to watch episode after episode on Amazon. This afterlife TV series brings an emotional spotlight to a new type of comedy that is universally appealing.

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