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  • J.A.

Time: ReDux cultivates curiosity to get answers to unresolved questions

Short films usually focus on a fleeting moment that is part of a much larger plot or story and Time: Redux is not an exception. Directed and co-written by Andreas Quiroga alongside Sergil Adams, the film takes a scene from the original film; Time, and repaints it in splendid color and with extra scenes that add more context and intrigue to the film.

Time: Redux, like the film it is based on, revolves around the protagonist, Roy Winters (played by Sergil Adams). The film begins with a meeting between Roy and The Connect (played by Nathaniel Swift) after which The Connect leads Roy to a game of poker. The seemingly normal high-stakes game turns out to be much more than an exhibition of Roy’s poker prowess as implied by The Connect in their meeting. A series of events soon unfold that create a lingering suspense, one that outlives the short film and leaves the viewer with more questions than answers at the end of the film.

The cryptic nature of the film seems intentional, as the film makes little attempt to unveil the shroud of suspense created throughout the film, and luckily, this doesn’t work against the film. It instead cultivates curiosity to get answers to the unresolved questions and lays some anticipation for the film’s sequel poised for release at a future date.

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