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The exhilarating and fast-paced crime drama that is 'Three Days Gone'

Suspenseful, thrilling and equally intriguing, Three Days Gone is not your usual run-of-the-mill film. It combines a spectacular plot with the directing expertise of Scott McCullough to deliver a powerfully evocative director’s cut that keeps you on the edge of your seat for the 20-minute length of the film.

Three Days Gone is set in a neighborhood where runaway crime and powerful criminal gangs have taken hold of the area and permeated even the local police department. These are the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Lucas Snow’s life, played by a brooding and charismatic Christopher Backus, who has been framed for several murders in the city and is currently being sought by police. Backus' close friend Patrick J. Adams (best known from Suits) delivers a superbly nuanced performance as Doug Cross. Together they strive to evade the police while trying to uncover the events that happened during the three days that Lucas cannot remember.

In a series of neurotic, rapid-fire edits and great production choices, McCullough expertly delivers the plotline in morsels and crumbs, leaving the viewer to pick up after him and piece together the complex web of murder, violence and betrayal in the film. McCullough delivers the story through flashbacks and flashes of events that offer clues about what happened without painting a clear picture of the specific events that transpired. The film plot unravels slowly and just when you are close to the resolution of the film’s conflict, another plot twist is introduced, leaving the audience in suspense, thirsting for more.

Three Days Gone will take you on a thrilling ride that you may have to take twice to piece together the twists and turns of the film.


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