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The Departed (2006) - Scorsese's Departed is a winner of 4/5 Oscars

This is a great rendition of the original Chinese movie "Infernal Affairs."

Martin Scorsese won his first Best Director Academy Award for "The Departed" and plants the story in Boston with the Irish Mob and the Massachusetts Police Force. Jack Nicholson is as great as ever playing the Irish boss that is infiltrating the Police Department. Leonardo DiCaprio shines as an undercover cop so underground that only Martin Sheen's character Queenan and Mark Wahlberg's Sergeant Dignam know about his secret operations. Vera Farmiga plays his police psychologist, Madolyn. DiCaprio and Farmiga's chemistry is undeniably electric and roots the movie with hope. Their love affair reaches a zenith as the song "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd plays underneath the scene, while the rain falls outside and the characters explore their vulnerability.

Matt Damon in an excellent turn plays Officer Colin Sullivan with ties to Nicholson's Costello.


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