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'My Name is Moe' is a strong film that raises awareness of the dangers of fat-shaming

Written and directed by Kabir McNeely, My Name is Moe is a short film that focuses on the contemporary social issues of bullying, fat-shaming and eating disorders, putting the viewer in the shoes of the victim.

The film is centered on a teenager by the name of Moe (played by Kabir McNeely himself). Moe is a high school student who is evidently plumper and less athletic than most of his classmates and this makes him the subject of constant ridicule, fat-shaming and outright bullying not only from other students but from some teachers as well. These abuses and insults take a toll on the teenager and Moe slowly loses his self-esteem and starts to experience social anxiety. Ostracized by his peers and in a bid to try and fit in by losing weight, Moe acquires harmful and dangerous eating disorders like bulimia. It is in this painful reality that Moe is forced to exist, day after day. This is an incredibly sad story, made even more so by the fact that Kabir McNeely cast himself as the lead role, which might imply an underlying, equally-painful personal story.

My Name is Moe is a strong film that raises awareness of the dangers of fat-shaming and through Moe’s journey and encourages especially young people to embrace their bodies and accept themselves for who they are.


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