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Lost Angelas (2019) - A stylish low-budget indie in search of one's soul that glows

Lost Angelas is a low-budget indie which switches between romantically naive and sexy, to sadistic and terrifying.

This is a stylish avant-garde indie that creatively departs from the usual fare of monotonous and formulaic big budget movies. In fact, Lost Angelas was Film Threat's '2020 Award This!' winner for 'Best Indie Made for Under $100k'. It's easy to see why the film won: The film masterfully tells the story of the rise and fall of best actress nominee Angela Rose played by the magnetic Korrina Rico. William Wayne delivers a gut-wrenching performance as her boyfriend Jake Hart, a struggling screenwriter looking for his big break. The chemistry between Wayne and Rico's characters is undeniably electric. However, this story is a love triangle and iconic indie actor Jon Jacobs gives a career-defining performance as sinister movie director Walt Warshaw, who callously reaches in and rips out Angela's heart and Jake's soul. Wayne, who also directs, keeps the audience hooked for the full ninety minutes in this intoxicatingly mind-bending story.

The script is tightly constructed while the film's ending is gutsy and polarizing. The dazzling color-schemed cinematography and mesmerizing soundtrack, along with EmRey's haunting theme song 'The Story of Angie Malone' births a surefire indie cult classic.


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