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Little Big Tree is highly depictive of our current realities

A highly intriguing film, Little Big Tree embarks on a journey into the life of Renee (played by Donna Park), a young but already accomplished writer and poet.

Directed by Annabel Grace White and produced by Jaron Lanier, the film takes an up-close and personal approach in its delivery, following the protagonist through her daily life in its attempt to retell the plot.

Little Big Tree breaks the fourth wall and allows the film’s protagonist to directly address the audience, giving a detailed description of her life in this quasi-documentary drama.

This allows the viewer to almost interactively follow the actor around and become privy to her point of view. However, beyond the surface, the film slowly builds an underlying storyline, a story that may have become far too common during the Covid pandemic; protecting the family from the virus at all costs.

Renee, a young, upwardly mobile and already relatively famous writer, is forced to live by herself when the Janssens, her hitherto gracious hosts, decide that due to her negligence to Covid guidelines, she is a health risk to their aged grandmother. Left to her own devices and without friends to stay with, Renee is now forced to relocate and learn to live on her own. The film also briefly touches on various themes such as feminism, through Renee’s successful book 'Georgina’s Rocket' and its predominantly female cast.

Fine camerawork by Olivia Tan, evocative background tracks from Perry Jones’ original score, and the seamless editing and directing are all aspects of the film that contribute to an overall very inspirational picture.

Little Big Tree is a well-rounded film; highly depictive of our current realities and a true must-watch gem.


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