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Impermanence takes us on a suspenseful and exhilarating ride

A thriller based on a scientific premise, Impermanence offers the viewer a suspense-filled short film, written and directed by Josh Yellin-Flaherty.

It explores the possible outcome of the rapidly advancing scientific research in the realm of quantum physics. The thinly-cast budget film is narrated from the point of view of a couple, Isaac and his girlfriend Belle. When Isaac finds his shoebox with three thousand dollars missing, his first suspect is his girlfriend, with whom he shares a living space. Isaac confronts her, triggering a misunderstanding that almost develops into an all-out conflict.

Isaac is almost convinced that Belle is the thief until another item, this time the much bigger couch, disappears mysteriously. Isaac and Belle both leave the house and go off on a drive to escape the house, but they soon realize that there is no escape from this inexplicable force when their car also disappears into thin air.

These strange events, known as a scientific anomaly dubbed “object impermanence”, are caused by a ripple in the wave function at the quantum level. It is this uncertainty that Isaac, who soon even loses Belle to the impermanence, is left to grapple with.

Few films with a run time of 12 minutes manage to deliver a story as powerful as the one that we watch unfold in Impermanence, but the team of Josh and Caleb Yellin-Flaherty makes it look effortless.

The skillful direction and overall production, coupled with the remarkable acting of Francesca Phillips and Mitchell Hawes has Impermanence take us on a suspenseful and exhilarating ride.


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