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Fell in love with Bridgerton - a period piece where the diverse ensemble cast works wonders

Bridgerton (credit Netflix)
Bridgerton (credit Netflix)

For the first half of episode 1, I was trying to figure out the diversity in casting of the Queen, Duke of Hastings and rest of the cast.

However by the end of episode 1, I was hooked and had fallen in love with the story and acting. Quite different than the books, Bridgerton, the Neflix series has more influences of today - contemporary songs remade with orchestra pieces - that help set the tone and the mood of the story. This is a smart and updated version of Bridgerton with lead characters who carry it off quite elegantly. I am already waiting for season 2.

I will admit I watched three episodes in a row and then picked it back up later in the day as soon as I had a chance.


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