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'Dinner with Gov' combines a compelling storyline with excellent visuals and dramatization

Everyone has a best friend, or at least many of us do. But an imaginary friend? However, that is indeed the case in Dinner with Gov. A short film directed by Josh Yellin-Flaherty, Dinner with Gov is a delightful gem that takes you through the intrigues of having such an imaginary friend only to throw you off with the most unexpected twist at the end.

In the film, the central character, Rob (played by Adrian Abel Amador), opens up to his girlfriend and tells her that for them to move in together, she has to agree to accommodate a third party. His girlfriend Rebecca (Alyssa Heinemann) goads him to tell her who the third party is. Rob becomes fidgety and is very hesitant to answer his girlfriend’s question. However, when he eventually gives in, Rob tells Rebecca that he has a friend called Gov (John Ennis) who happens to be a product of his imagination.

Surprisingly perhaps, Rebecca sees no problem with this situation and actually feels relieved that the friend is not 'real'. However, a series of strange events follow and Rebecca is shocked to learn that she can actually touch and even talk to Rob’s invisible friend- yet no one else can see him except for Rebecca and Rob.

Dinner with Gov is the epitome of a short but immensely creative film. The director combines a compelling storyline with excellent visuals and dramatization and the result is a succinct but powerful short film that will leave a strong impression on viewers. Is Gov, Rob’s imaginary friend, real? That’s a riddle you will have to watch the film to answer.


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