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'Dandilicious' is a surefire cult classic home run

Andrew Games’ DANDILICIOUS is a brilliant stylized neo-western

which takes us on a masterful ride into the world of the Teddy Boy subculture of 1959.

The film begins where we meet Marty, played brilliantly by Games, as a self-professed king of the Teds. Games immediately breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to us as he shows us his world. Along his way, we meet other great young actors such as Jade Mark who plays Marty’s love interest Brenda and Chloe O’Gorman who portrays Marty’s rough and tumble Teddy Girl sidekick, Emily. As the film progresses, we start to see signs that the Teddy Boy subculture may soon be a thing of the past. However, if Marty has anything to do with it, he will swagger through misadventures and lead us into fights with Rock 'n' Rollers and the police. Ultimately this culminates into a grand showdown with Big Tony, played expertly by Christian Greenaway.

The charismatic Games wrote, directed, produced and stars in DANDILICIOUS and needless to say, we can tell that he is extremely passionate about staying true and authentic to the subculture. Games, starring in DANDILICIOUS, excels with elements and characteristics that may remind us of other iconic actors and classic films firmly rooted in the late 50’s and early 60’s such as Malcolm McDowell in ‘A Clockwork Orange’, Sylvester Stallone in ‘Lords of Flatbush’ and Ken Wahl in ‘The Wanderers’.

The cinematography of DANDILICIOUS draws us into the Teddy Boy universe that Games has created and often works as another character in the film in which Marty reveals his innermost thoughts. Games’ direction is outstanding as he enhances our experience of an exciting, menacing trip of outlaws and outlandish cockney characters.

In DANDILICIOUS, the Teddy Boy subculture envelops you in a fast paced pop concoction with an original rock and roll soundtrack. Recapturing the true spirit in DANDILICIOUS of the authentic late 50’s are musicians Krank Williams, Dominic Halpen and the Honey Bees, Furious (a Teddy Boy band) and Cal Ruddy.

Now put on your best Edwardian glad rags and step into the past in Marty’s black 1958 Ford Zephyr where Teddy Boys fight greasy Rock n Rollers as a pastime. Games’ DANDILICIOUS is a surefire cult classic home run with 4 ½ out of 5 Stars.


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