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A River Runs Through It (1992) - A piece of wonderful art under the guise of addiction

Columbia Pictures/Getty Images
Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

Winner of Best Cinematography at the Academy Awards, this movie is a pure gem filmed in rural Montana.

Brad Pitt in a shining performance plays the younger brother who has his hidden troubles kept from his family. Tom Skerritt plays the minister father who reaches his boys best with sermons and fly-fishing. Robert Redford directs this wonderful film. His directing resume is pretty stellar now after this story and his Academy Award winning "Ordinary People." The movie takes place around 1910 and follows Norman Maclean (Craig Sheffer) an aspiring writer.

Norman Maclean is also the writer of the original story and is a semi-autobiographical account of his relationship with his brother Paul and their upbringing as Presbyterians while dealing with alcoholism and gambling addiction.


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